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I love the viper necks on these handy-dandy Ibanez RT's. These two are used, but nothing that should stop any collector or player to enjoy them for a little longer. Both are for sale.

MIJ Ibanez RT450 (or perhaps the RT250)

My asking price is $450 + Shipping for either one. If you are looking at both and want them, I'll give you a better deal combined.

The sunburst RT has it's fair share of love. The frets do have string dimples, between mostly from the 1st through 9th frets. They are playable, I've used this one mainly this past weekend for 3 sets. It has it's bumps and bruises, some buckle rash on the back. It doesn't look to have been dropped or anything like that.

The amber RT is in better condition. very minimal fretwear but has some very minor dings here and there. Nothing major at all.

The electronics on both are all original. Original pickups, bridge, wiring, stock push/pull pots on the tone control. I've added chrome dome vol/tone controls on the amber RT, but I have the original black dimarzio numbered style top-hat controls that I'll put back on.

I just used both on a gig this weekend and they were fabulous!



I'll get more pics of each one later this week.
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