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For Sale: ADA MP-1 3TM w/EQ Mod

This 3TM is in excellent shape. It has been modded by the man himself HB! (at www.adadepot.com)! It has all the latest mods/revisions in it (noise mod, v2.01 Eprom, rear jack mod), along with my favorite: the EQ Mod.

The EQ Mod allows you to further tweak the midrange frequencies. There are 2 trim pots located inside the unit that you can use to tweak the low mids, and hi mids. If you want to hear how it sounds you can check out any of the ADA Jams, or go to my soundclick site: (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/robv_music.htm)

It has 2 new Groove Tube GT12AX7M "Mullard" reissue tubes in it, and a hi gain graded JJ ECC83S tube (got these from Dougs Tubes).

$425 + shipping.

Also for sale BBE 482 (bought new), Rocktron Velocity 150 Stereo Power Amp, and a 4 space SKB Roto Rack case (bought new). The rack case has a power strip that I fixed inside it.

All in excellent condition.

Here are the prices for these items:

BBE 482 = $100 (+ Shipping)
Rocktron Velocity 150 = $200 (+ Shipping)
SKB Roto Rack (power strip included) = $70 (+ Shipping)

USA only please.

Email me if interested ([email protected])
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