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This wireless listed for $739.00 and sold for $625.00. It is a half rack space dual antenna wireless system. It comes with the rack rails so it will fit in your rack. Also comes with the power supply, hard shell case, and body pack. The body pack takes only a single AA battery and will tell you how much time is left on your battery! You can also buy an optional charging dock for the body pack on E V I L B A Y all the time. I bought it and never really used it. I just use cables....

It is in perfect working order. This was the "official description" of the unit:

The AKG WMS 400 Wireless System for guitar boasts advanced features that give guitar and bass players pro-level performance, flexibility, and an auto setup that's completely painless. It comes with the SR 400 diversity receiver and PT 400 body pack transmitter. The WMS 400 system is a high-performance solution for situations where several wireless systems will be used simultaneously. It has two 30mHz-wide bands, 50mW ERP output power, 120dB S/N ratio, and supports up to 12 channels per band (24 channels total). The superior 35Hz-20kHz frequency response makes sure every note of your performance is conveyed accurately, even for bass players. The SR 400 has a half-rack metal case with backlit LCD, status LEDs, menu navigation controls, level, and a comprehensive auto-setup procedure with rehearsal mode and infrared transfer of settings to the PT 400. The PT 400 is incredibly light, has a mini-XLR connector, gain, belt clip, flexible antenna, display, external mute switch, and display for battery and preset information.

AKG WMS 400 Wireless System for Guitar Features:

WMS 400 features:
2 bands each 30mHz wide
50mW ERP output power
120dB S/N
12 channels per band (24 channels total)

So there you have it! I will sell it for $400.00 (includes shipping to the continental USA) or will trade for...? Lemme know what you have!

-Rikk Beatty
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