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Hi Guys!

I am looking to offload a great instrument very cheap. This bass is in excellent plus condition, which puts it's value at $1350 USD according to this blue book valuation:

(couldn't post link as my post count is 0 =) search google for MAB4FM/QM)

Note that this valuation is from 2010 and the price is trending upwards for these models (only about $100 every 5 years, but still). I would like to sell this bass for only $1000 USD. This bass plays really well and is in great condition, I will add some photos tomorrow as it is sitting unused at my parents house at the moment.

Please note I am in Sydney, Australia. Worldwide shipping is likely to be several hundred dollars (last time I had a bass shipped here from USA it was $300 shipping). Obviously if you are in Australia your life will be a lot easier :)

Photos coming within 24hrs!
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