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HI Guys,

My first post on here! :eek: I have my Ibanez AT100CLSB for sale. Price is £1400. It is a beautiful guitar and I am selling as I don't play her anymore :cry: more recently I have been using my trusty telecaster which has been far more appropriate for the work I do. The guitar has been well kept and only has some very light marks on the bottom, rear edge. There is a couple of very small marks on the headstock (on the wood). The marks are small and you would need to really look to see that they are there. Apart from that it is in perfect order. It has its J-craft hard case which is also in excellent condition and has the trem arm, manual and tags (from new). I have had the guitar from new since late 2010 (so nearly 2 years). The neck and frets are in great condition plenty more years before you even need to think about a fret dress etc.

I am based in Eastbourne, UK.

I have tried to catch as much detail in the photos as possible (where you will see the marks that I mentioned). The photos are hosted on my website if you would like the links please message me (unable to post the links due to having no posts :sad:)

Hopefully it will find a good home!

Thanks, Richard.
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