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FS: AWsome condition RG 7620 in vampire kiss color!

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Item for sale:ibanez rg 7620 VK

Description & Condition: wow this is truely a machine, it plays like a dream. any 6 stringer going to 7 string on this guitar will be easy as buter. this guitar is in vampire kiss color which is a metallic looking red color (awsome). the condition of the guitar is exclent cpt for one small din right next tto the input jack (on a rating it would be 9.6). it have lo pro 7 bridge, dimarzio 7 pickups, wizard7 neck which im sure you all know about if your reading this. comes with great hard case and the original ibanez 7th heaven video.

Asking Price: 600$

My Location: Denver, Colorado (US)

Terms of Sale/Purchase:

Other Information:pictures will be up tonight, my email is [email protected]
this is truely a gr8 guitar. it definately matchs up to UVs in playblity. this baby need a new home and someone that will actualy play it. thank you very much.
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i am not trying to crash ur potential selling chance, but don't u think ur price is a little too high ? i'd suggest you look around to get an idea of the price.
It's sad 7620s aren't worth more. They're one of Ibanez's best guitars IMO. There's just not the demand for 7s that there was 4-5 years ago.

Still a great guitar!
price lowered to 530 with shipping = )
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