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Item for sale:ibanez rg 7620 VK

Description & Condition: wow this is truely a machine, it plays like a dream. any 6 stringer going to 7 string on this guitar will be easy as buter. this guitar is in vampire kiss color which is a metallic looking red color (awsome). the condition of the guitar is exclent cpt for one small din right next tto the input jack (on a rating it would be 9.6). it have lo pro 7 bridge, dimarzio 7 pickups, wizard7 neck which im sure you all know about if your reading this. comes with great hard case and the original ibanez 7th heaven video.

Asking Price: 600$

My Location: Denver, Colorado (US)

Terms of Sale/Purchase:

Other Information:pictures will be up tonight, my email is [email protected]
this is truely a gr8 guitar. it definately matchs up to UVs in playblity. this baby need a new home and someone that will actualy play it. thank you very much.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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