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Hey everyone....

I have a basically brand new, still has the hang tags, Mesa Recto horizontal 2x12. It has way under five hours of use. Here is the story: I picked it up from my local guitar center, still in the box, when I got my recto recording pre. I thought I'd use it with my triple rect. head for smaller gigs. I purchased it on April 21, 2005, brought it home, and left it in the box for about 2 weeks. I then opened the box, played it with my triple rect, and went sounds good, and went back to playing with my other set up. Tonight I played it at practice, we're gearing up for some out of town dates on which I was going to take the triple rect/2x12 set up, and realized that the 2x12 just does not do it for me. Unfortunately the 30 days are up w/ G.C, so my choice is sell it or keep it. Right now I am leaning towards selling it. It comes with the tags still on, the dust cover still in its package, and the cosemtic condition is a perfect 10, there is a little indentation from the feet of the triple rect on the top, but no scuffs, mars, tears, etc. I just used the box to ship a rack I sold on **** so it won't come in its orginal box, but I will take care in packing it. Pics can be send on the gear thread under shows your rig on jemsite...check the 2nd to last page. I paid 529.00, and I'll sell it for 430.00 plus shipping. I'll ship it UPS ground any where in the US....I have to guess shipping will be around 50-60 dollars, but the buyer will ONLY pay ACTUAL shipping costs. Since I'm already taking it in the rear for my stupidity I only want a postal money order, or cash-if some one wants to pick it up, I'm in Portland, Or, or if some one wants to used paypal they will have to pay the extra percentage that paypal will charge for their service. On ****, I have the seller id fizgig-99 with 100% positive feedback. Please feel free to contact me, [email protected], or send me a pm. Thanks and take care, Tobe
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