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Item for sale: 3 Books on music in videogames

Description & Condition:
1)The Fat Man on Game Audio: Tasty Morsels of Sonic Goodness - George. A. Sanger
2)Audio for Games: Planning, Process and Production - Alexander Brandon
3)The Complete Guide to Game Audio (with CDROM) - Aaron Marks

Asking Price: £10 each, they are all worth around £20-30 new and I've only had them a few weeks as I bought them for research purposes for my dissertation. I don't really need them anymore and thus, rather than gathering dust on my already bulging bookshelf I thought someone might be interested in them.

My Location:
SE London/NW Kent

Terms of Sale/Purchase:
I'll post them anywhere in the UK, and will add the P&P according to Royal Mail's weighting thing. I've rounded off the prices to the nearest denominator as I won't fret about losing a couple of pence.

In the order they were shown, the books will probably come under the weight zones of 750g (£2), 450g (£1.50) and 800g (£2.50ish) when packaged.

Other Information:
They're all in perfect condition and are very interesting if you:

a) Are interested in game audio
b) Would like to pursue a career in game audio and want to know how to go about it
c) Want to see how game audio is made
d) lots of other exciting sound related stuff :D

The CDROM with the Aaron Marks book contains a ton of stuff, but what will probably interest you lot is:
Music and sound effects samples
Demo Reel samples
Demo versions of sound editing and sequencing programs from companies such as Sonic Foundry, Cakewalk, Goldwave, DirectMusic, Propellerhead and others

Go buy, lol.
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