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FS: Boss DD-5 and Keeley Mod CE-2

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Item for sale: Boss DD-5 Digital Delay and Boss CE-2 Chorus with Keeley Mods

Description & Condition: DD-5 is in perfect condition and includes original box and manual. CE-2 shows some wear and does not have original box. Both pedals have resided on my pedalboard at home. Never gigged.

Asking Price: DD-5: $115.00; CE-2: $125.00

My Location: Irvine, CA

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Paypal accepted

Other Information:
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Forgot to specify that the CE-2 chrorus is Made in Japan and features the Keeley Speedy Mod (I think he offers some choices on this one).
Chorus is sold; DD-5 Delay still available.
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