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Hi All.

For Sale! :

My Carvin Vai 2x12 Legacy cab. (C212E)

I bought this about a year ago and it's in great condition. This is the Steve Vai model with the Vai logo on the front. Great cab loaded with Vintage 30 celestion speakers. Removable panel on the back for optional open back or closed back setup.

8 ohms cabinet, rated 120 watts. 26" wide x 10.25" deep x 17.5" high; weight: 40 lbs; 2 Celestion™ G12 Vintage 30

Sounds great, tonally lovely and I love the way it looks. It's lightweight too. It's really not very old and the speakers will have barely been broken in!

Good enough for Vai and so good enough for me! These are pretty rare, I've not seen many about and they're crazy hard to find in UK shops! I was lucky to get hold of one and would keep it if I could find a good excuse!

Selling due to buying a new combo and so this rig isn't being used any more.

I'd like £250 for this I think, though I will consider offers so get in touch :D

Thanks loads for checking out my sale, please get in touch with any questions.
You're welcome to come and try out the cab/rig....it's in the north west near Liverpool, UK.

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