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'm selling my home recording setup. All items are in excellent condition, and have no issues. The items included are:

1- Yamaha AW2400 DAW
Comes with the manual, power cord, CD- Rom, and original box. Still has the protective plastic on the display screen.

2- Two Event TR-8 powered monitors
Come with original packaging, and cables to connect them to the DAW.

3- Two "On Stage" stands for the monitors

4- One Shure SM57 microphone, with carry bag and paperwork.

5- One mic stand for the SM57. This is a smaller mic stand that is meant for
guitar amps or maybe acoustic guitars if you are sitting down. It is not tall enough to use for recording vocals.

6- One XLR mic cable to connect the SM57 to the DAW.

The AW2400 alone is worth what i am asking, so here is a chance to get a COMPLETE recording setup in great condition, at an amazing price. Now for the business:
All sales are final.

$1,500 firm.

**** username for feedback: ragazen

Any questions, ask away.

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