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Hey there! :)

Selling my Ibanez Jem7v which is dead mint and has less than 10 hours of playtime. Was in its case the whole time and comes with all case candy.
Not a single ding or chip on this guitar - it`s practically brand new.
Getting rid of it since I don`t like the frets the JEMs have :( Thought about re-fretting it with Jumbos but I don`t want to modify a signature guitar.

Based in Switzerland, but I can bring it to a post office in Germany so it is being sent within the EU. Open to international, but cites permit and shipping might probably be a turn of for you.
Price: Thinking about 1`700 € / 1`900 USD, but I am super open to offers.

Trades: Considering a trade for a RGR652ahb or a RG2011, depending on the situation with some cash on top of it, but just hit me up and we can sort it out! :)

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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