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FS: Dean EVO AS-7 Black VG condition

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For Sale is a Dean EVO AS-7, the string-through-body, 7-string, Les Paul style guitar (with a better neck joint). Asking $400.00 which includes shipping via UPS to the lower 48 states. Outside of that, we may be able to work something out. I have a PDF of some photos of the guitar, more photos available upon request.

http://filebox.vt.edu/users/bchaney/public/selling dean.pdf

The guitar is in very good condition, has been professionaly set up, and includes an installed Seymour Duncan Jazz model pickup and a good gig-bag. There is plenty of room on the saddle adjusters in the bridge to acomodate tuning the guitar down to A. It is curently in standard tuning. The gig bag has a large enough pocket to hold an Acoustic Image Clarus amp head.

Here is a recording of the guitar, played through the Clarus.

http://filebox.vt.edu/users/bchaney/public/days of wine and roses m.mp3

My location is Southwestern Virginia.
Again, asking $400 shipped

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sorry, I misread the "# Do not bump to top (reply "still forsale") an ad before 21 days time." I thought it meant I could say that the item was still for sale. I need to change the title of the thread so people will look at it. I don't understand why I'm the only person who has viewed the topic. Can I close this thread and re-list?
I hope this doesn't count as a bump... :)

Since I haven't recieved any response, I'm taking the guitar to a yard sale tomorrow. I'd rather sell it on this site because I know someone here would appreciate it. If it doesn't sell tomorrow, it's still available. If it does sell, I'll lock this thread.

Rats!, I'll fix that ASAP.

Thanks for letting me know!

I hope this doesn't count as a bump... :)
550 and something days? ;) We can slide on that :lol:
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