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fs: Dean evo seven string with dimarzio blaze set :(

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well it pains me to do this but i want and need a tube combo or head of some sort . I love this guitar, i just dont play it that much and i dont really know why but it just sits there and looks pretty but never gets put to use so it has to go.

the details :
evo 7 string with set neck
body neck and headstock binding
fresh new set of dimarzio blaze pickups
grover tuners
frets are in good condition with a little bit of wear still have plenty of life.
the guitar has some fret buzz, somthing i haven't had time to get rid of.
there are 2 nicks one is on the headstock and the other back down by the tone pot.
the headstock nick is small but has made a ruff spot in the binding and a very small bit of wood is showing right below the bottom of the binding.
Like i said both if these nicks are very small.
comes with hard shell case, dimarzio black 3 inch clip lock strap and a few extra sets of strings.

first person that sends me 335 through paypal gets the guitar shipped( price for the lower 48 only)

i am in san angelo tx 76901.

sorry the pictures kind of suck but the guitar is a good guitar
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please lock it up .

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