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FS: EB JPM Black w/piezo and matching headstock

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Item for sale: Ernie Ball Petrucci model, black with piezos and matching headstock.

Description & Condition: Excellent condition, I got it and just put in a battery for the piezo and now it's just been in its case since then...it may as well go to someone who's going to use it. Absolutely nothing wrong with it cosmetically or playingwise. I have pics, just drop me a line and I'll send them.

Asking Price: $1250 with money order or check or $1300 with Paypal shipped.

My Location: Massachusetts

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I will take money orders, checks or Paypal (sorry, the cut just gets big for this amount of money)

Other Information: Has the original EB case, whammy bar, black DiMarzio straploks installed (has original parts too). Thanks!
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will you consider trades? if yes, i have a Mesa Boogie TriAxis 2 in Perfect condition

pics? [email protected]
Just a few notes: It does not have the JP inlay and I don't need any trades (although you guys have some good stuff!)
And it was 'born' on 12-16-04
I'd try the EBMM forums

Tons of people over there wanting these.
Still for sale if anyone's looking.
Pics please -

Lock her up please, put her on the bay. Thanks!
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