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This has to go as there's something mighty special on it's way...

2009 EBMM Limited Edition Dargie Delight 2 JP6 BFR. Very limited number and was offered for a very short time in 2009.

The BFR Dargie Delight II includes:
- Ebony fretboard
- Caramel Apple Delight color shifting paint (changes from a green to a gold, even some reddish/purple tones at some angles)
- Paua/MOP inlays.
Difference with a regular EBMM JPM is, that BFR model has Alder Body, Maple Top, Mahogany Tone Block in body, Mahogany neck, and Ebony fretboard.

Has the new Dimarzio JP pickups:
- Liquifire neck
- Crunchlab bridge

And, of course, comes with the fantastic JP Tremolo, PIEZO, lower 3-way toggle (bridge pickup, inner coils of both humbuckers and neck pickup) and push/pull for coil-tap, top 3 way toggle for piezo/piezo and magnetic blended/magnetic pickups and EBMM locking tuners. Mine comes with DiMarzio straplocks (original pins are present also).

Guitar is in mint condition - absolutely no signs of wear. All the papers, extra springs etc. come along, too.
Soundwise compared with a regular JPM this has more bottom-end (thanks to mahogany). Still it's very clear and those high notes are bright.

http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w14/Peijjooni/EBMM JPM BFR DD II/

More infos can be sent via email and don't hesitate to drop a private message either.

Price is set as low as possible - 2650€ (shipping costs not included).

World wide shipping, PayPal (split the fees), bank transfer are all okay.

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