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Ok guys, I've still got a few new-in-box EMG pickups for sale and I'm trying to get rid of them so here goes.

This guy is an 81TW, EMG's latest dual-mode fire-breather. Much like the 89, this one will give you single-coil spank or humbucker scream with a push or pull of the included DPDT switch pot. Sound-wise, this gnarly S.O.B. is about 95% the same as the venerable 81 with (to my ears) just a touch more fatness in the midrange. To me, humbucker-mode on this one is superior to the standard 81. Single-coil mode is, IIRC, the same as the S model: EMG's standard ceramic-magnet single. Pretty awesome, if active pickups are your thing.

Pricing is firm at $95 shipped, US only. The only really convenient payment method is Postal Money Order, I don't do PayPal and I'm a touring musician not a guitar store so I can't take your credit cards. Sorry guys!
PM away, potential buyers!

Thanks a bunch!
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