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Hi there,

Since trading my JS90th worked so well on Jemsite I decided to give it another go.

What I have for sale is an all-tube hi-gain monster most of you will have heard of. The ENGL Screamer50. It's 50W and technically 2-Channel. But there is a gainstage Switch that doubles the channels to effective 4! So you got everything from clear and crisp clean to murderous hi-gain. I never had the Gain pot at more than 50%!

I bought it in 2002 and used it since then. I replaced the Standby Switch by a lock, so noone except for me has ever used it. I never gave it cabs with wrong impedance to feed and always kept the tubes at the right heat. A few months ago I put brand new JJ poweramp tubes in it. The preamp stage is also mostly JJ, one TT (insider tip) and one original ENGL Sovtek is left.

Condition is as good as it could be. It doesn't smell new anymore but that's about it, no scratches, dinks, donks or breaks anywhere. Technically it's flawless.

Since I'm located in Germany I'd prefer to ship it inside Europe but if you're from Singapore or Canada and want to pay the shipping - no problem.

What you get: ENGL Head, Key (would be stupid if not), ENGL Poweramp tubes (not new but still okay), the packaging I got my Powerball in, so it's safe. :)

Thinking of 700€ incl. shipping in Germany, 690€ + shipping to other nations.


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