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FS- ENGL Thunder 50 Reverb combo, UK

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Okey dokey, my ENGL's still up for sale, and the price has been dropping, as I really do need the money to get me back in the black :)

Description & Condition: As new condition, harma 6L6GCs in the power section (replaced ENGL 5881s after they wore out) doesn't come with footswitch but ANY 2 button stereo jack footswitch does the job.

3 gain modes, clean, crunch, and lead. Silly amount of drive possible, but very easily restrainable, with the gain backed to just before halfway there's a really great nice chunky grrrr rhythm sound.

A nice loud 50 watts (i've run it live before without micing up and it stands up fine) but surprisingly can be run quite comfortably sounding nice at neighbour friendly volumes

Asking Price: I'm currently asking for £400, depending on where you are there may be postage on top, but chances are i'll feel nice :)

My Location: I have a few locations where I can move the amp from, I'm currently at home near St. Helens, merseyside, but also reside in Leeds, and the amp is currently with a friend in Nottingham, so there's a nice reaching range for me to be able to move the amp from.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Drop me a PM if interested with your location and we'll try and sort something!

Thanks guys
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would you be interested by any chance in a trade + cash for a brand new Vox Tonelab SE (+100£)?
Hrrrmmm.... I'd really rather have the cash, but I'll think about it and get back to you! :)
Ah, just spotted the location, I don't think I can ship to finland anyway, sorry bro :(
oh ah, no I don't live in finland any more, forgot to update my profile. I'm in Newcastle now. Tell me what you think.
I'll get back to thinking about it ;)
Also willing to trade for TC G-Major.
Still up for sale, don't think the used value of a Tonelab SE really stands up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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