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Up for sale is my Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee HH. This is a rarer model as it was a limited run for GC. It has the pull push knob to split the pickups. It also has full rosewood neck. She comes with OHSC. When I got her, I didn't get any case candy, but I'll be glad to throw in the case candy from my Luke III.

She's in near mint condition.... only issues a small stress crack in the finish on both sides of the neck pocket. They are pretty small... I zoomed in pretty close, but I got them to show up in the pics.

Speaking of pics... sorry they are crappy. They are from my iphone as I can't find the usb cable for my "real" camera.

Here's a full album of pics:

http://s2.photobucket.com/user/mystixboi/library/EB MM Albert Lee

I'm looking for $1,350 shipped... paypal extra.

The only trade I would be interested in is a straight trade for a MM Luke III in Olive Gold with Rosewood neck in HSS config.

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