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Up for sale is a rare blue ESP Kamikaze II in fantastic condition. According to ESP this particular Kamikaze was most likely built by the ESP custom shop in the late 1980s.

Specs include:

-Maple body
-Maple neck
-Ebony fretboard w/ abalone dot inlays
-Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo built for ESP by Kahler (Steeler?)
-Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position and an ESP single coil in the neck position

The original Screaming Demon humbucker (wound by Lidia Daniel) is included in the deal, as is the original case and a blue DiMarzio clip lock strap. The trem cavity plate is missing in the pictures but it's included too. The complete package.

The guitar is quite heavy thanks to its maple body and it's got a big sound with tone for days. I'd love to keep it but I need the money for other things. Though I won't be sad if I end up doing so...

Condition-wise, I'd give the guitar a 9+ out of 10. It really is in excellent condition. The only thing worth pointing out is what looks like an air bubble where the photo of the pilot is. It is hard to touch and nothing happens when you touch it. You can only see it when light hits it a certain way. Check the pictures. It doesn't seem to be getting bigger either so I would say that it's completely harmless. It was already there when the previous owner bought the guitar. Other than that, the body has some light scratching but nothing major. The hardware works perfectly and the frets have plenty of play time remaining.

Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rv2yt127cq097ta/AACAUiLO19ZO7VSac3num8pAa?dl=0

International shipping is ok, not really interested in trades. I prefer to ship EMS, which isn't cheap by any means but it's fast and insured up 1680 euros. If you're interested PM me for more information.

The guitar is located in Turku, Finland.

Price: 2000 euros
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