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Selling an early-mid 90s ESP MII Deluxe. Its in great condition and sounds awesome.

Has an OFR tremolo on it that is in great condition with ZERO corrosion. Always wiped down after playing. It returns to perfect tuning after a dive. The rest of the hardware is in great condition also, with no signs of corrosion

I believe the body is alder with a maple neck and rosewood fret board.

Frets are stainless steel and in excellent condition.

The pickups in this thing are great, but I'm not sure what they are. The bridge is a Seymour Duncan humbucker. The previous owner scratched off the Seymour Duncan logo (no idea why). I believe its either a Trembucker or a JB that came on this model. The neck pickup is a slanted hot rod single coil made by ESP that sounds pretty good.

**One thing I've noticed about this guitar is the pickup selector can be finicky sometimes but its not a huge deal and I'm sure can be fixed easily. When in the middle position, sometimes it will sort of cut out, but is fine in either neck position or bridge position. Just wanted to disclose everything.

This will come with:

ESP MII guitar
OEM ESP hard case
Floyd Rose tremolo arm

Looking to get in the neighborhood of $650.

Thanks for checking it out, PM me your email and I will send you pictures.
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