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Hey guys,

Due to the fact that I nearly only play my Regius I am selling my insanely minty RT650GA. It was purchased by my father in Rotterdam in 1992, and due to the fact that he pretty much stopped playing alltogether soon after it has just been laying in it's case all these years. This guitar pretty much is the definition of a Case Queen, with 0 marks, no fretwear, and everything in a clean and original condition. Meaning that this most probably is the cleanest, and newest RT650 from '92 you will ever encounter. So yeah, condition wise this guitar is a 10/10 (or 9.5/10 for the super, super scrutinous amongst us ;) )

I'm selling it for my dad, and I kinda know what they're worth. However, I am asking a bit more because of the incredibly rare condition that it is in (a premium that is entirely worth it)

As you know these things scream quality, and are built by the Japanese standard, meaning that it kicks the butt of anything that Korea puts out (or even some modern Japanese models for that matter ;) )

And now...PICS!

Price: €850 + shipping
Location: The Netherlands
Trades: No, not really. Unless it's a direct trade for some insane 7 string with a smexy flame maple top in mint condition.
References: I have done numerous deals on www.sevenstring.org in the 2.5k segment (same username), and in the Gear Exchange group on Facebook in the same segment

If there are any questions, or if you want more pics, please do not hesitate to ask them, I mostly answer within a couple of hours :D
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