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FS: Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster

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I am just putting the feelers out on this one really, I am not desperate to sell it by ANY means. But the money would go towards a Les Paul Custom and new amp.

Its a 2003 Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster, in Vintage White, with a Scalloped Rosewood Fingerboard. It comes stock, Brand New. Hardly any use whatsoever, probably only about 5 hours played by me. Comes with the usual DiMarzio HS3, YJM pickups. I have it fully setup with 9's at the moment. It comes with the Fender USA Tweed case too of course, with all the case candy and tags still!

I am looking at £850 posted anywhere in the UK. I wont ship anywhere else, as I just dont have the time/patience at the moment. I would prefer someone to collect it in person really though - as it is an expensive guitar that I dont want to risk.

I am up for trades of course, especially for the following: Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson Les Paul Custom, Peavey 5150/6505 Head, Mesa Boogie Head.

Obviously depending on the trade, cash will have to be put in on your part/my part. But again, thats all depending on what it is.

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If anyone wants a reason for sale, its basically because it doesnt suit my sound needs 100% anymore. I really do need humbuckers at the moment, and as much as this is a CRACKING guitar (probably the best I have played) it is just sitting there doing nothing. A guitar as good as this deserves to be played everyday.

I really do need a Les Paul at the moment, especially with recent band work I have been doing. And headbanging/moshing with an Yngwie Strat doesnt quite look or sound the part in a Tech Metal band! lol :)
As soon as you consider to ship to Germany I would be interested...
PM me, I could post to Europe - I meant more USA, Aus really.
But Germany should be fine.
beautifull guitar, still for sale?
i was wondering if you would consider any offers on it? it looks the part and id love to own it!
let me know thanks alot

Depends on what the "offers" are. I will not drop any lower cash-wise than £820. They are like £1200 new, and even there is a 6month waiting list for it too. If I go any lower in price - the buyer would have to pick it up in person.

As I say, I dont "need" to get rid of it by any means. I am quite happy to keep it in all honesty. But if a nice offer comes along - then why not! :)
Lets try £810 posted to anywhere in the UK.
Okay I will entertain any trades now.
As long as they are sensible please. The trades need to be for High-End stuff ONLY. So no silly offers please.

Will be going to **** or Trading it in at my local store at the weekend.
So it isnt hanging around for long.
£800 posted anywhere in the UK

£800 + postage to anywhere else in the world.
Interested in Petrucci models.
Both Ibanez and EBMM - give me a shout if anyone has anything!
Trades for J-Customs, USRG, Jackson SL1, SL2, RR1, ESP (not LTD) models, are all considered.

This really is the last chance before it goes for a trade-in at a store.
How about a washburn 7 string and.......wait for it..........

a brass button?

come on you can't go wrong with a butter :D

I so would take it if i had anything for trade or money
i meant to say button, not butter haha.

**** would be your best bet mate.
yeah, I will probably go via the evilbay this weekend actually
Lock this up please!
Going off somewhere else.
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