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FS/FT dimarzio Mega drive

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i have a dimarzio mega drive in black with shorter leads. I am looking to trade for the following dimarzios

steve morse bridge
super 2
double whammy
d'activator (including the x)
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sorry forgot to include a price. I am looking to trade before i sell but we'll start out at 50 shipped in the 48.
pulled from dimarzio's old description of the mega drive

The MegaDrive joins two different concepts to deliver one powerful pickup. Each coil of the MegaDrive senses the string differently. The solid-bar coil hears the lows while the coil with six adjustable poles picks up the highs.

With each coil optimized for a specific job, the sound is loud and clear, with minimum dirt. For players who like to "ride " the guitar's volume control the MegaDrive cleans up crisply when you back off. A solid range of sounds, dialed in from the guitar, lets you leave the amp's gain settings alone for most of the set.

Specifications: Wiring Standard four conductor Magnet Ceramic Output 350mV DC Resistance 15.03K.


there is a clip of the mega drive using a line 6 tone port / riff tracker. I had it on one of the mesa amp styles.

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Hey man, would you happen to have anything to go in the neck with it? A Chopper or Pro Track would be perfect, but any humbucker will do, too...

id like to get it, but the thing is, paying shipping for only one pickup aint good for me...
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