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For sale or trade is my 100% AS NEW Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe pedal (mono version).

This little beauty has been used ONCE to test it, then put back in its box and has never been used again! I bought this 2 months ago for £250 from Guitar Guitar in Newcastle for use with my band which has subsequently split up and it's now not getting used.

Well my loss is your gain as you can have an ABSOLUTELY AS NEW pedal for a lot less than buying a new one!

I'm brutally honest when it comes to describing my items. This really looks as if it has just been shipped to you new from a shop.

Package includes original box, power supply (never even opened), manual and Fulltone stickers in the box.

Looking for £199 for the pedal and I will ship the pedal Special Delivery (guaranteed next working day delivery) anywhere in the UK for a flat fee of £8.

OR I will trade for an MXR EVH-117 Flanger and MXR EVH Phase 90 (or either one of those plus cash). Might consider other pedals too, but these are what I'm really looking for.

Full blurb on the pedal below (taken from the Fulltone Website).

I'm based inbetween Uxbridge and Slough - not too far from Heathrow airport.


In beautiful vintage Cream color with maroon lettering housed in a sturdy 16 gauge steel housing that measuring ONLY 4" x 5.75"

We are the first to put out an exact copy of the legendary Vintage'60's Univibe. Ours has that dripping Phase-Chorused tone that made Jimi's "Machine Gun" so epic!

Now it's tiny enough to fit on the most cluttered pedalboard, and because of the mini-DV's unique voltage doubling circuit you can use any standard 9 volt adapter or power supply (our FPS-1 is included) and inside the pedal the power is ramped up to the original Univibe's 18 volts DC!

Features also include a mini-toggle switch to choose between Vintage/Modern settings allowing for warm original '60's Univibe grind (Vintage setting) and louder, with more output (Modern setting). The Deja'Vibe has received a make-over!

Robin Trower says of his Deja'Vibe
"Simply Brilliant. I use it all the time. It's the best of its kind!!"
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