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Up for sale is my beautiful Ibanez RG1550M-PBL. Bought it from Rich at IbanezRules when he first got them in. This guitar is absolutely stunning. Stays in amazing tune. Action can be set super low. Pickups sound great and although I usually swap them out with dimarzio's, these V-series pickups sounded great and you can get a nice clean tones just by backing the volume down.
Anyways, its in amazing shape. Tiny pick-marks on the pickguard that can be buffed and one tiny little nick on the side that Ill photograph and put up in a second. No wear on the frets, and of course comes with EVERYTHING the guitar came with(Case, tags, manual, whammy, wrenches, tremolo arm bushings, etc).

First off, things I'm looking for trade: Carvin guitars(DC series or anything you have, just let me know), Fender Deluxe's(MIA) , Gibson Les Pauls(lol), MARSHALL AMPS COMBO OR HEAD(obviously no solid states lol :p). Or let me know of any guitar that you think would be a fair trade for this that you have :). Offer me w/e you have. Could catch my interest.

I will sell it for 875$ Shipped, insured and packaged nicely :).

Also, if you're interested in a Peavey XXX 212 combo amp let me know!



If you want any more pics of anything let me know!!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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