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I have an Ibanez RG2228 GK 8string for sale.

It's in absolutely mint condition, no scratches or dings. It was bought on July 31st, 2008. So it's only 1,5 months "old"!

Well, I'm quite sure you know the specs. ;) All original, no modifications.

The original snakeskin case is included, it comes with all the case candy that came with the guitar (papers & hang tags, thick leather strap, allen wrenches...). You'll get the bill, too.

You can find some pics here:
http://s520.photobucket.com/albums/w321/digitalpig/NGD Ibanez RG2228/

The price is 1150€, or best offer. Shipping costs are included within Germany. I'm not quite sure about shipping within Europe, but I think it shouldn't exceed 25-30€. Due to the exchange courses, I think this is mostly interesting for people from Europe.

Trades: Well, I'm selling because I'm looking for one of these:

Gibson SG '61 model
EBMM Petrucci w/ piezo
Ibanez Universe PWH

So if you have one of these and want to get a mint 8string, get in contact with me! :)

Please get in contact via PM or directly via e-mail: felixbuck(at)gmail(dot)com

My **** reference (100% positive ratings): http://myworld.****.de/kirkh-2

The guitar is located in Berlin, Germany. If you're getting around, you're invited to my house. :)

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