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FS/FT: Jackson DK2 Swirl SDs HSC for 7 String

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Got a sweet Jackson DK2 with Seymour duncans (JB and STK-1 singles) and a brand new hardshell gator case.

Looking to sell it for $450 + shipping


Trade for/towards an Ibanez S7320/Apex2/RG7620/S7420 - open to other 7 strings too.

I have feedback on the 'bay as razr_geek and my feedback on sevenstring.org

PM me for pictures as I have tons :lol:
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Wouldn't mind trading for any of these either in addition to the Ibanez listed above.

Jackson DR7, DR7-T
Schecter HR, Blackjack
Agiles Interceptors, Septor 27"
Forget the trades. Looking for cash only now - $450 + Shipping.

Don't miss out folks this guitar is rock solid!
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