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I have JEM777 Desert Yellow in great condition for sale. Producion year is 1990.
Everything is original - nothing changed or tampered with.
It was played a lot- but carefully, so it has no body dings, cracks etc. Some buckle rash on the rear, but very light. Original Edge shows wear, but it's normal for the guitar that was played. Frets also show some wear, but not much, they will live another 10 years. Fretboard is maple so it's not looking brand new anymore.
Set up to 9-46 DR'a, medium action. No tuning issues. GREAT SOUND ! Guitar is pretty light also.

Other things included:
-Solid Case Made in Canada (TLK?) - the same look as one which goes with PRS guitars
-tremolo arm
-PINK Dimarzio Cliplock Strap
-a set of allen keys

I'm looking for trades (Fender/Gibson/PRS/Ibanez/MusicMan)
or asking 1400E

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