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$2400 shipped to the Continental US. I can ship internationally at the buyer's expense.

Cash is king, trades/partial trades could be a possibility, attached is a sheet that might give you an idea of what I'm after: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EqIFOfoHd0HPrShgYOG10xge7XEG0G9oMTcgRT8CEts/edit?usp=sharing

For any Ibanez/Vai fans, this is the chance to get a gorgeous example of one of Ibanez' most beautiful, rare JEMs (only 759 made)! The 90HAM in my opinion is one of the best specced out JEMs. There's a satin finished maple neck with bubinga stripe (super wizard profile unlike many other JEMS), an ebony fingerboard with an offset dot inlay on the 12th fret and a commemorative decal on the 24th, basswood body, AANJ neck joint, a mirrored pickguard, Evolution pickups, Lo Pro Edge tremolo, and (imo) the coolest finish Ibanez has ever done, pictures don't do it justice.

In terms of condition, the guitar is in cosmetically excellent condition (~8/10). The mirrored pickguard is very unforgiving to cameras, but in person, it looks in much better shape than many examples. One benefit of the textured finish is that the neck pocket is pristine unlike many Ibbys of this era. The back of the locking nut is perfect, with no cracks (a common stress point). There is a mark on the tip of the headstock where the finish has worn off. Frets are in good shape with plenty of life, and the guitar was cleaned/set up this week with 9-42s.

In terms of originality, the pots have been replaced with newer examples, the 5 way switch is original. The wiring has been restored to stock (a previous owner had rewired it). I understand the guitar is in its original OHSC, I do not have the COA or strap that came with it, but I do have the tremolo bar and will include some Vai goodies if you're a fan.

Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2yEskgvCwBniWYNi6
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