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Laney TT 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier. Master volume, 3 fully independent channels, built-in spring reverb, effects loop and "Volume 2" (solo boost). Fully midi controllable. Killer British tone with a modern edge and feature set.

Includes 5 button factory footswitch, footswitch cable and power cable.

Made in the UK. Well cared for and in perfect working order.


$750 shipped & paypal'd (shipping within continental US only).

The following trades will be considered (plus or minus cash as appropriate):
Fryette or VHT Sig:X
Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Deuce
Hughes and Kettner Triamp or Switchblade
Carvin Legacy 3
Ibanez MIJ Guitars (no zero edge trems)
Carvin CT or CS Guitars (24 fret models preferred)

Contact Dave via PM or email at [email protected]
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Not open for further replies.