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Item for sale: Lo Pro Edge (cosmo black)

Description & Condition:

Lo pro edge removed from my 94 RG 550 ltd. Used it for about 1 year, then replaced it for a Gotoh tremolo. The overall condition is good, the pictures will tell the real status of it. Comes with the bar. Missing two string lock blocks (the little cubes). The tremolo block is from Gotoh unit (don't know why I changed it). The rest of the parts are all from the Gotoh (stud inserts, studs, claw hook, springs, string retainer, locking nut [without the 3 pads and 3 screws]). Important: the Gotoh parts are all Chrome.

The pictures tell it all :)

Asking Price: $120 or best offer or TRADE (see T.O.S./Purchase below)

My Location: Sao Paulo - Brazil

Terms of Sale/Purchase:

I'd take cash, but i'm fully open to trades. Interested in: pedals, pickups. Just let me know your terms

Contact me at [email protected]


Other Information: pics below

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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