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Item for sale: Marshall 1936 2x12 cabinet.

Description & Condition: For sale is a Marshall 1936 2x12 cabinet - excellent condition and only gigged once. I won't pretend I know all about the speakers and whatnot because I don't - but I do know Marshalls are well regarded as the best cabinets and this one is no exception...great sounding with any head (I've been using the Peavey JSX which I've also added for sale on here) and it sounds superb...unfortunatly due to me moving I have to downsize my gear which is resulting in a very reluctant sale - still, my loss your gain :)

Asking Price: I'm asking for £130 for this baby - I paid £250 new for it not too long ago and it has been looked after very well.

My Location: I am located in Birmingham UK - for obvious reasons I'd prefer this not to be shipped but I'm not ruling it out - I can't drive so I'm unable to deliver and can't really meet anywhere too far (but somewhere in Birmingham would be ok). If you don't mind paying the shipping costs (which I'm guessing would be around £20.00) then thats fine too.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I'll accept cheque and bank transfer...I don't really want to use paypal (because they charge so much for accepting payments. though if this is your only option let me know and we'll see if we can sort something out) and I won't accept any other online payment (like western union). I won't accept cash either. Please no international bidders either.

Other Information:

As I've stated above (and as you might see in the forum) I've got my Peavey JSX to sell as well - if you're interested in buying both, please let me know and we can work something out :)
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