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Howdy all,

As my tastes are changing Im finding, perhaps oddly enough, that Im getting more use out of my AVT275 than the TSL.. go figure.. anyway, I thought Id give it a shot on here since the dude I sold it to off the 'bay bailed. The spiel is

I have for sale my Marshall TSL602 from about 2007 (well at least I bought it in 2007.. I think.. I can find the exact date if required). Its a 3 channel (clean, lead and crunch) 60 watt combo with 2 x 12" Celestion "Wolverine" Speakers in the cabinet. This has been my main rehearsal amp for the past few years and is in excellent condition apart from 2 of "scratches" on the left hand side. Since the outer of the cab seems to be a sort of solid moulded plastic they arent really that noticeable and doesnt effect the sound in anyway. Ive had it "modded" by Eastgate Music in Balwyn but all that really means is that Ive had a jack installed on the speaker box so that I can use longer speaker cables between the amp and cabinet to run a talk box.

The full specs from Marshalls website are

"The TSL601 is a proud member of the critically acclaimed JCM2000 series. In keeping with its rich family heritage, it boasts a 100% pure, all-valve signal path (4xECC83 pre-amp valves, 2xEL34 power valves) and a host of 'guitarist friendly' features.

60 watts
3x channels
2x 12 inch speakers
Reverb control
Emulated line out
FX mix control
Footswitchable FX loop
5-way LED footcontroller (included)
Weight 27 KG"

Im happy to ship interstate if your happy to pay shipping and it would have to go via courier.. too big for Australia Post, otherwise local pickup or delivery in Melbourne

Id love to get about $1300 AUD for it but am open to offers or would consider a trade for Blackstar Artisan 15 Head, maybe a Marshall DSL50 Head or Vintage Modern 2266 Head, possibly others..

I have photos so please PM me your email and Ill send them.. or if Im meant to post them here, just let me know!!

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