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Greetings !

That's the best guitar I have never tried in my whole life without a doubt. And in my humble opinion, that's the top of the guitars at the moment..

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mayones Regius 6 Custom Shop
Location (City,State or City,Country): Madrid, SPAIN
International OK?: Yes
Contact Info: PM here
References (eBay or other forum userid): 100% on eBay as GULY844
- Made by Custom Shop (Serial 089130CS)
- AAAA Flamed Maple top
- Transparent Emerald Green (T-EGRN-G)
- Mahogany body
- Trans Natural Gloss finish (front and rear)
- 11-ply Maple | Mahogany | Wenge | Amazakoe
- Ebony fingerboard
- 24 Stainless Steel frets
- Seymour Duncan P-Rails pickups
- 1x Volume control (push-pull for coil splitting), 1x Tone control and 3 way switch
- Hipshot Products Inc .175 Fixed strings-thru-body bridge
- Sperzel Trim-Lok
- Graph Tech Guitar Labs Black Tusq nut, Switchcraft jack, guitar keys set and Black Schaller Security Straplocks
- Original Mayones hard case
- No dings / scratches / cracks / issues / modifications / anything.
- Frets 95% (The guitar is almost new, looks brand new)
- The only thing it has is a bit wearing out in the bridge finish (SEE PICTURES)

Price: 1900€ worldwide shipped included.

Changes: The only change I'm interested in:
- Jem 777 DY
- Jem 77 BFP (Direct mounting pickups and completely blue, not green like mine :) I already have a green one)
Please nothing else because I'm not interested in anything else but mentioned Jems.

Depends on condition, the deal would go in 2 different ways.
If Jems are in perfect condition would be: guitar VS guitar, if not, would be Jem+Cash VS Regius.

I can retire it at some point if I save enough money to buy one of these Jems, this Mayones is by far the best guitar I've ever tried, the only reason for selling is just G.A.S. I love Jems.

I will be glad to answer to whatever you want to ask me :)

Thanks for seeing,


That's the advert I've got on the best guitar spanish forum, at least it's my favorite forum in Spain, you can see the pictures without using dropbox:
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