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Item for sale:
Mesa Boogie Triaxis 2.01 Preamp

Description & Condition:
1 rack space TUBE preamp, midi controlable, 8 modes.. Encyclopedia of Mesa Boogie Tone... John Petrucci was using it a lot...

Great Condition, about 4 years old, everything works fine... 3 monts Tubes.. Never giged, never had any problems with it... Great shape... only in rack ears some minor scratches from racking it...

Its for sale because I want a simpler rig (just head and cab)

Asking Price: 1500e but we can arrange something if you are interested, new in europe has about 2300e

My Location: GREECE - EUROPE

Terms of Sale/Purchase: We can discuss it

Other Information:
I may trade it for somethign good... leave me a message...
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