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I have 2 new guitars for sale or trade; Interessted in Universe, Caparison TAT. Jackson SL1 etc... Cool stuff general!

Here i have the best sounding Axe ever, Kiso whom builds Alex Laiho, Kirk Hammets Ouija and James Hetfields ++ :twisted::twisted:etc guitars..
2011 ESP Random Star Roope Latvala Custom Shop
Off white with white bindings NICE!
Maple 3P Neckthru Alder body
25,5" 20-24 frets scalloped
Black Chrome HArdware
1 vol, MM-4 adjustable Preamp with 4 EQ band 18db+- knob Booster
EMG HZ-4 Alexi Laiho pup
Perfect to sit with between the tighs or normal. Sweet guitar...
Location; Norway
Price; sale/trade 2500$ shipps worldwide with ups etc..
Retails 540.000 yen, 5600$. Super cheap deal here;

New Discontinued Caparison Horus Black Night
Black Chrome Hardware
Schaller Floyd
27 Frets 628 mm.
Maple neck, Rosewood board, Mahogny body.
Org pups or Seymour Duncan Invader+Quarter Pounder coil is avaiable
Case Papers wrenches etc.
Price 2400$
Location; Norway
Shipps worldwide.
contact; above
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