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Hello guys,

Here is for sale my great custom Skervesen Raptor 6, recieved just 2 years ago. Didn't get much playing time... Time for her to find a better home ;)

This one is a real metal beast!! It's currently tuned in drop C! Brutal!! :D :D

The specs are as follows:

2013 completion date
black limba body
ebony top
rosewood / ebony 5 piece neck
pale moon ebony fretboard
stainless steel frets
hipshot fixed bridge
BKP Alnico Warpigs in aged nickel
comes with the original HSC

condition is near mint, except for a slight dent on the back of the neck. it's purely cosmetic and you don't feel it at all, but thought I would mention it anyway.

Price is EUR 1'850 + shipping Worldwide. (PayPal)

I could consider trading it, but mostly for a Strandberg Boden OS.. but shoot your offers, I might have a crush ;)

I'm "casper7890" on ebay, with 100% positive feedback.

Find below a link to pictures.

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