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For sale is 6 Gold Gotoh Tuners. They came off of an early Ibanez Radius I believe, or some other similar early Ibanez. I dont really want to sell them, and I was saving them for a project that came along - but again, stuff needs paying for.

They are in okay condition. Obviously, because they are gold, and have tarnished quite easily, and the gold is lightly coming off in places. But you have to look very close to notice it. They still have a good 10-15 years left in them. They were never really used, not heavily anyways.

Asking Price: £10 + £3 for postage.

My Location: I am in the UK. I will post these to both the US and the UK, but preferably keep it within the UK because it will be cheaper and easier.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Buyer pays with PAYPAL preferably. I do accept cheques too, but only if I really have to. Bank Transfer okay too.

Other Information: Give me a PM or email for any other information or details.
My email address is:- [email protected]

Gary - The.Godfather
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