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fs guitar and guitarworld magazines

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Item for sale:
guitar and guitarworld magazines
Description & Condition:
covers are as follow oct 88 Vinnie Moore, Dec 87 joe perry feat. article the man who taughtVai to fly Satch, Jun 88 Yngwie, may 88 Vai, jun 88 Schenker guitar, jun 88 Schenker guitarworld, Aug 92 Satriani, April 88 George Lynch and a couple other 90's legends misc all posters and ad's intact all in all very good cond. lots of early jem and Ibanez ad's
$120.00 shipped in the US
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Paypal cashiers check money order
some tabs to name a few Malmsteens's dreaming, Satch surfing with the alien,Racerx Scarified, Eugenes trick bag I even seen a awsome Satch poster in the 92 mag with him on the cover
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price dropped $75.00 shipped
besides the 8 that are shown in pic's there is about 10 or more other magazines from the early 90's and 80's from guitar player, guitar extra ,guitar one ,and guitarworld a total of 18 or 20 mag's filled with lessons and tab 75.00 shipped
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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