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Got three pedals for sale all in great condition. Only the MXR has velcro on the bottom.

1. Keeley Katana Clean Boost - Custom Arlon Finish $220 Shipped CONUSA
Exactly the same as our superb hand made Katana clean boost pedal, only with a gorgeous custom finish! These finishes are all completely unique!

As far as guitar clean boosts go, the Keeley Katana is KING TONE. It's the pedal to have for the finishing touch on your tone. Want a mirror image of your tone, only louder? This is it. The Katana is also a fat, harmonically rich boost, just pull out on the volume knob and stretch your imagination with overdriven tone! You can keep it on all the time to push your amp harder, or as an occasional boost to cut through the mix.

The Katana by Robert Keeley is a fat, harmonically rich boost. It operates in pure clean and high gain modes. With the speedo knob pushed in, it's a volume control that goes to 20. With the knob out, it's a cutting boost with just a touch of gritty edge.

2. Diamond Halo Chorus in Surf Green - $190 Shipped CONUSA
The Halo Chorus is a combination delay/pitch modulation/phase modulation chorus design with autoconfigurable I/O for mono, mono in/stereo out, and stereo in/stereo out operation.

3. MXR/CAE Boost/Overdrive - $100 Shipped CONUSA
The MC-402 is a versatile pedal offering the combination of a simple dynamic overdrive and an independent clean boost circuitall in one compact pedal. It's a warm sounding classic overdrive that adds sustain and punch, as well as a boost function with adjustment from 0+20dB of clean uncolored gain. High quality components provide quiet operation and trouble-free interaction with other pedals on your board. Cleans up nicely when you roll back your guitar volume, making it extremely responsive to picking dynamicswithout thinning out your tone.

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