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fs guitar world and guitar magazines

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Item for sale:
misc. Guitar magazine back issues
Description & Condition:
1988 guitarworld magazines Vai, George Lynch,Yngwie,and Michael Schenker cover photo's 1992 guitarworld Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, and Satriani covers 1994 guitar legends Stevie Ray vaughan blues power cover have other magazines if intrested PM
Asking Price: $10.00 for 1980's magazines $8.00 for 1990's shipped in the US

My Location: Oklahoma

Terms of Sale/Purchase: paypal money order cashiers check

Other Information: in most magazines posters are still intact they are in great condition transcriptions, lessons and ad's all still there
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lot's of cool ad's like this in the 80's magz
ok I will sell the 80's magz 2 for $12.00 shipped and the 90's magz 2 for $10.00 shipped they are selling for $12 for one plus 5 to $8 dollars shipping on auction sites
will sell all 8 issues listed 30.00 plus $5.00 shipping
i would be interested!
What other mags have you got?
the others are mostly guitar world early 90's and some late 80's
there are a total of 24 magazines most are from the 80's with a few from 90-92 2 of the magazines are Rolling stone with jimi Hendrix covers and 2 are musician magazine from the 80's the rest but those 4 are all guitarworld guitar and guitar extra I can let the whole lot go for $55.00 shipped in the US
still have around 30 guitar world and guitar magazines from 1987 - 1995 covers have Satch, Vai, and a whole mess of others they are filled with transcriptions and lessons from just about every guitarist on earth to name a few Tony Mcalpine, George Lynch, Satch, Paul Gilbert, Alex Scholnick I will also throw in a cd rom atleast 100 80's and 90's tab I can let it all go for $50.00 shipped in the US I am sure 25 dollars of the $50 will go to shipping lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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