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Ok This one hurts so bad.. i'm in a SERIOUS money situation, and i'll get some pics over the next few days, but i want to know before i go through a bunch of hassle throguh this if there'd be anyone seriously interested in buying it...

This guitar is a bit of a mutt but quite the custom piece really...

It's an AANJ RG550 Body with a Black HxH pickguard on it
Stained Trans Orange c/o Frank Falbo (from this board)
Finished Satin
Pickups are Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz
Neck is a Wizard 2 off some RG___DX guitar.. serial is removed but the neck heel says '98
Original Edge with some cosmo wear, cosmo nut with chrome lock blocks, and black generic RG___DX tuners...
The neck has Sharktooth inlays

The ONLY mark o nthe body is a tiny dent by the upper horn where the strap pin is that happened when Frank and Dave Hall (Gpenguins) sent me the body in a 3 way trade we did...

liek I said i'll have some pics up very shortly but I was hoping to find out if theres intrest first... I hate to sell this because it plays like butter, but I'm having money issues surrounding school all of a sudden so I need to worry about the university first...

I'm thinking $450 + shipping on this one guys...
Please help a brotha out!
- Peter
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