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I first listed this on the bay and an e-bayer wouldnt pay for it after he committed to buy. So Im bringing it here!

Item for sale!

2002 Ibanez RG 550 that has some serious upgrades! For starters it has the Fernandes Sustainer system. If you are unfamiliar with that basically it has 2 modes. The first is a natural sustain the second is a harmonic sustain!
Heres an example. http://www.fernandesguitars.com/sustainer/susvideo.html

The sustainer is used by Steve Vai, The Edge, Zakk Wylde just to name a few. The sustainer works on one 9 volt battery. There is a battery compartment for the battery as well. The controls cavity doesnt have a plate. The tech who installed it did everything but make a plate. I had paper taped to it for protection. A plate wont be hard to have made. But the paper idea might be cool to some because there are 3 small trim pots that you might want to adjust to get diffrent variations of sustain and if you had a screw in plate you would have the holes stripped in no time!

The other upgrades include the Ibanez Lo Pro Trem! I bought that trem BRAND NEW last month!!! This is the same trem Steve Vai uses on all of his guitars!!!!

The bridge pickup is a Dimarzio Evolution the same that Steve Vai uses! Its an amazing pickup to say the least!! And the guitar has a white Dimarzio Clip Lock strap installed on it. The pickguard is a custom shop Pearl pickguard that was made by Chandler.
The guitar has a Wizard Neck that has been treated for max playability!!!! The guitar is made out of Basswood and the neck is maple as well as the fretboard.
This 550 has the All Access Neck Joint!
The tuners are stock as well as the nut. The guitar is set up with GHS 9-46 and the action is really really nice!!! The nick name for the Ibanez RG550 is the poor mans Jem. And that is a perfect name! The 550 is a SHRED MACHINE!!!! You will get everything I mentioned above and nothing that I didnt. The guitar comes in the really nice padded gig bag. There is a little ding on the guitar that cant be seen really well. but I tried to get a pic of it. Asking price....
Shipping to lower 48 states is $45.00 and rest of the planet is bout $80-90.00

Pics here!!!!


Email ?s to [email protected]

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