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FS Hughes & Kettner 2x12 warp7 combo

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Item for sale:
warp7 2x12 combo
Description & Condition:
rarely used too much amp for my neighbors lol! Has 2 12 inch Celestions great for d tuned instruments or any style it is the size of a 4 12 cabinet and has outlet so a extension cabinet can be used
Asking Price: $350.00 shipped in the US

My Location: Oklahoma

Terms of Sale/Purchase: paypal cashiers check or money order

Other Information:
amp is like new rarely used no D.O.A
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damn thats a good deal its not going to last long i wish i could buy it.. ive been looking for one, but now i dont have the money. :( i might be getting it though if you dont sell it anytime soon.
hi can you send me a couple of pictures thanks broacherguitar @yahoo.com
my camera is down at the moment you can go to the h&k website to get details on the amp and it's spec's it has seen a hours playing time if even that much it has been covered under a leather jacket since bought lol! I'm to cheap to buy a amp cover I also have a fender cyber deluxe with 4 button foot switch excellent condition it has had a brand new mother board dropped in by fender repair center and still has 2 years left on a transferable warranty asking the same price on that I have both the orginal manuals for both amps and they will be included
Ok shipping is going to kill me on this one but I will take $300.00 shipped in the US on the H&K warp7
Ok buyer backed out fender cyber deluxe with 4 button foot switch price shipped from my door to yours US only $325.00 it's 3 times the amp a line 6 spider is with better sound quality and construction has 2or 3 years left on 5 year transferable warranty I am the orginal owner
the warp7 has sold Thanks Ross Fender cyber deluxe still up for grabs
Both amps sold thanks again guys
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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