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For sale is my Ibanez Prestige 2550z in Galaxy White.

It really is in amazing condition. I will upload pictures as soon as I can get them from my friend who is holding onto the guitar for me. The only real defect I could find when I bought it from a friend was a 1 inch cosmetic scratch on the back of the fretboard.

Other than that the guitar is in amazing condition. I have to get rid of it to make up for what financial aid would not cover for this Fall quarter at school. I live in Santa Cruz, but my friend who has the guitar (in Oceanside,CA) will be able to ship it in whatever manner you would prefer.

I am asking 650 for this guitar, but price is negotiable. Shipping is not included and shipping method will be up to the buyer. However, avoiding ground shipping is highly recommended.

Just send me a PM if interested.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope whomever gets this guitar enjoys it as much as I have.
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