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OK boys,

I've been thinking hard about this one, I have been straying away from my Ibanez collection... I'm never going to sell my JEM, as I already sold off 2 of them..

however this little monster of a guitar I haven't had the band, or time to play since my Custom Maton was built and I feel like it deserves someone that wants a flashy guitar with all the trimmings OR someone who wants to perform with a bit of flair.

all up this has cost me more to build than I'm selling it for.

I'm asking $1600 NZD OR near offers. Shipping at buyers expense
(for them USA folk - around $1350 USD + P&H)

It features:

Basswood body - painted with Colour changing paint - purple/Green/Gold sort of colours.
Wizard II Maple Neck, Rosewood fretboard.
LED Inlays, switchable from green to blue - (I have it running from an external battery box that I velcro to the back of the guitar)
Black Chrome hardware,
ibanez Edge bridge w/ lock nut

DiMarzio Chopper Middle pickup
DiMarzio Evo Bridge Pickup
Fernandes FSK-401 Sustainer kit neck pickup

Will also come with the Green DiMarzio straplock strap pictured and a Hard Case from Coffin Cases

Just needs a good setup as I haven't played it for a while, Intonation may need doing as I had the bridge lowered not long ago.

very bad video taken back in 2011 of the guitar so you can see the sustainer in action.

Images in this album below:

PM if you're interested.

Forgot to mention that I also has an Ibanez Backstop in the trem cavity that i bought from Dave Wiener a few years back too.

234 Posts
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EDIT Price Change: Dropped Price.

Will sell for $1500 NZD approx OR $1250 USD + Postage
Will also let this go to the UK for £770 + postage

Will accept payment by direct bank credit, Western Union or PayPal.
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