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FS: Ibanez 7 string acoustic & solid body classical

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Item for sale: Ibanez 7 string Acoustic & Ibanez Talman Classical(22 fret nylon string)

Description & Condition:

Ibanez 7 String Acoustic: Solid spruce top and rosewood back & sides. Mint condition with TUSQ Nut and Saddle. (bought it years ago and played it at home only a handful of times). Comes with the Hardshell case.
Pic here http://www.animetor.com/guitars/classical/acoustic7.jpg

Ibanez Talman Intermax Solid Body Nylon String(don't know the model #): 22 fret Mahogany neck w/ rosewood fretboard. Mahogany body with a one piece AAA quilted maple top. I bought this after seeing Yngwie with his Nylon string strat and thought it would be cool to have something like that. Killer top. Mint condition as I never really played it. Also comes with a hardshell case.
pic here http://www.animetor.com/guitars/classical/classical1.jpg

Asking Price: $500 each or $900 for both.

My Location: Toronto

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I'd prefer a money order but I could use Paypal if someone covers the 3% fee. Shipping options will be arranged with buyer.

Other Information: I really hate to sell my guitars as I feel like I'm selling off my kids but I need the cash and the guitars need a new home where they will be loved and played.
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I am interested in the acoustic-not the classical-couple of ?'s...
1. Is this an electric acoustic?
2. How old is it and what year was it made.
3. How is the playability of the instrument, can the action be adjusted?
4. If the instrument is not electric/acoustic-how well does it project acoustically?
To answer your questions:

1. Yes it is an Electric Acoustic (Fishman pre-amp actually)
2. Dunno how old it is because I forgot how long ago I bought it. But I'm assuming it's 4-5 years old (Never really played it and sometimes forgot I had it)
3. It's VERY playable. Even though I never really played it, I did set it up when I first bought it. (I'm a guitar tech, I setup all my stuff when I first buy it)
4. Acoustically, it's as loud as any $1000 Martin/Taylor that I've come across.

Hope that answers your questions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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