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FS: Ibanez 7PBK with hard shell case

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Item for sale: '89 Ibanez Jem 7 pbk with hard shell case. (please leave this one open mods, I only wanted one of the two ads closing before because it was a double-post! lol)

Description & Condition:In really good condition with only a couple of really insignificant dings, although there is wear on the trem and neck plate, one of the machine head covers is missing (the little circular bit on the back of the 'head) Also a slight hairline crack behind the nut nothing deep or significant.

Asking Price: £800 plus shipping but offers considered, if you come and collect from my doorstep I'll do it for £700 and throw in some Vai and Satriani tab books and whatever other tab books I have knocking about.

My Location: Manchester UK

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I'll accept PayPal if you pay the charges, but cheque cash or bank wire is probably preferable.

Other Information: I paid £800 for the guitar on it's own (not including the Ibanez case.) so I'm not after profit just to get my money back because I don't play it anymore (the 7VWH gets preferential treatment in this household I'm afraid :) )

Thanks :)
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Any pix available?

I know the PBK is alot of people's favourite original Jem (and one of Vai's at the time too), but £800 is not far off top money for one of these.

I was offered a PBK in lovely condition (inc' case) for £950 way back in 1994 when it was only 5 years old, and then decided to get a (then new) 1994 all black 555........................i know i know i know you don't need to say anything!! I was suckered in by Guitarist Magazine's review honest - LOL!!

Send me some pix if you can buddy, and i'll have a think.

a few pictures might intruige me a bit more.

Are you looking to trade possibly for anything you like, or strictly money offers?

BSBoy said:
I'll give you £500 for it
No thanks BSBoyo thats a wee bit low.

Pics are now available, drop me your e-mails for pics.

Sorry for taking so long! :)
£700 plus shipping anyone?
£600 and I'll collect and pay you in cash ;)

£600 is getting warmer, but not quite warm enough.

Thanks for the offer though.

This'll be hitting the auction site if it doesn't sell before Friday morning :(
£650 plus shipping...

absolute final drop before it goes to the auction site :(
Time for evilbay to sponge some more cash off of me....

Please lock 'er up mods

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